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wednesday, june 17, 2015 the markets
This afternoon Marianne and I went to a market so she could get some habañero peppers in order to make a salsa. Since I didn't want to do too much walking today (blister on my toe), I decided that would be fine. We had to hurry since the market was going to close at 2:00 for la siesta. The market wasn't anything super impressive or different than what you might find in the United States, but the prices were very low and from what Marianne was telling me, the quality of the produce in the market was great.

I told Marianne that I was thinking about getting a haircut today, to which she asked the logical question of "Why?" Even though my hair is short, I like for it to look maintained, and the sides were looking a little shaggy. So she took me to her local nail/hair salon where a Chinese man named Asi was to trim me up. I sat down and explained what I wanted, and he seemed to understand. Then he got his clippers out, and I saw that there was no trim guard, since I didn't want it that short. I asked what number he was planning to use, at which point he interrupted me and said "Tranquilo." ("Settle down.") He then got out his comb and clippers and started cutting. I had never seen this technique that he was using, but it worked really well. Most hair stylists will choose a number for the clipper guard and stick to that, but after 30 seconds of him cutting my hair, I knew he knew what he was doing. I have to say, when it was all said and done, I was very impressed with the end result. Possibly the best 6,50 € I've spent in Europe!

For lunch we stopped by this place called Takos al Pastor. Their claim to fame are these open-faced tacos that are 1 € a piece, and if you've been to Bakersfield in Indianapolis, then you'll know what these tacos are like. I ordered three tacos: one with cochinita, one al pastor, and one with papas, cheese, and chorizo. They make everything in-house, including the salsas to put on top of the tacos. The tacos were incredibly good, and I'd have to say my favorite was the papas, cheese, and chorizo combination. With prices of these tacos being really cheap and the quality of the food being incredibly good, I'm definitely thinking I'll be back soon. And probably often!

The rest of the day was spent walking moving around the various neighborhoods of Madrid. Everytime Marianne mentioned that we should get on the bikes, I got really excited. They're so much fun! We made a few stops on our journey, also. I bought a new zip-up hoodie at H&M and also found some Pantene shampoo/conditioner at a local market (after we had already looked in three markets to find what I wanted). Tomorrow we head for Granada to spend a few days. While I've enjoyed hanging out in Madrid and getting to know the areas a little better, I'm definitely anxious to travel again. I've been quite nomadic thus far on my trip, and I've gotten used to the idea of moving around a lot. And I'm sure it'll be nice to come back to Madrid and feel relieved to be "home."

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