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saturday, june 20, 2015 the pitstop
We left our apartment in Granada around 9:00am with coffee and pastries in mind. Overall I'm very pleased with the service that AirBNB was able to provide for us, and I'm definitely going to use it for my next out-of-town excursions here in Spain. I hope I get some royalties for the plug I just made. While we were having coffee, I noticed this Spanish saying on Paul's sugar packet. You see it to the right, but it basically says "Work as if you didn't need money, love as if you had never been hurt, and dance as if no one were watching." It's nothing of big importance, but this is an example of how I'm constantly keeping my eyes open for some realia that I can use in my classroom. In Spanish 4, the students learn the expression 'como si' shortly after learning the imperfect subjunctive, so hopefully I can do something with this picture as a warm up activity. I've done this a lot while over here in Europe. I have plenty of pictures of commands and the passive/impersonal 'se', and I'm sure I'll see plenty more in the next three weeks. It's a great way for students to see Spanish used in real life!

After two cups of coffee from two different places, it was time to board the bus and make the five-hour trip back to Madrid. Riding the bus is actually a rather pleasant experience, and I've been very surprised at how comfortable I've been with all means of transportation while abroad. I've never had to take a train or a bus in the States, but over here it's extremely common and quite practical, especially since I have no choice but to depend on these means. The bus left Granada at 11:00am and made a half an hour pitstop at 1:30pm. When we arrived, there were already two busses there, and two more busses showed up immediately after we arrived. So if you figure each bus is at full capacity of 60 passengers, that's 300 people in one small area trying to get food. Needless to say, the restaurant at the pit stop was jamming, and since I wasn't that hungry, I just went to the shop and got a quick sandwich and a water. Paul and I noticed this little park across the way, so we checked it out real quick before realizing that it was incredibly hot out and that we were much better off in the shade.

The rest of the bus trip was comprised of taking video footage to make a montage of traveling through Spain, and naps. I was still fairly exhausted from yesterday's Alhambra experience and then popping into multiple tapas restaurants in the evening, and even the cramped space on the bus was going to stop me from taking a nap. As I'm sure you'd expect, the view of Spain was really pretty as we headed north and I managed to snag a few pictures. Hopefully you can see the mountains in the background of some of the pictures, and trust me when I say that they were more impressive seeing them in person. I also managed to snag a quick picture of these two windmills that sat on a hill. I wasn't sure I was going to get them in time, especially since a semi truck was in the lane next to the bus and obscured my view, but I zoomed in and got a decent picture. Don Quijote, anyone?

Upon returning to Paul's apartment, I decided that I'd do some laundry while he went to rehearsal. I pretty much had in mind that I'd spend the evening relaxing and getting things organized for the upcoming week. I also did some research on Sevilla and Salamanca to see when I'd like to head to those places. In the remaining three weeks in Spain, I'm planning to take some day trips to Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Zaragoza, and any other place that someone recommends me. Let me know if you have any suggestions by leaving a comment below!

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